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About Us

Smart Marketing. No Nonsense.

We’re named Mainpoint Marketing for a reason.

We get straight to the point.

Better yet, we get straight to the heart and soul of what makes your company tick.

We clarify, simplify and distill complex issues. We dispense with the extraneous.

That’s the only way to create marketing, branding and communications strategies that are clear, compelling and effective.

We’re well versed in virtually every corporate challenge – spin-offs, mergers, start-ups, tired images – and have the scalability to work with a local business, a Fortune 500 multi-national and everything in between.

In everything we do – from our first meeting to our market assessments to our final recommendations – we move the needle forward to provide solutions you can measure and create possibilities where none existed.

That’s what it means to see things clearly. And that is why our clients have rewarded us with that rarest of commodities – loyalty.

Our Pragmatic Approach

Look to us for straightforward and logical solutions that are easy to implement. We avoid "agency-speak" and won't waste your time with anything that isn't practical for your business.